We, The Philosophers :-) Invitation to Participate in Project Perspective Independence

Dear friends and their families:

India is a country that strove for recognition for an independent identity in the world - our aspirations associated with the times of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru clearly reflect this attitude. Leaders associated with the independence of India have felt that India only needs independence for attaining international prominence. They believed that the philosophical strength of India is sufficient to help it get through all difficult issues. They have focussed on providing resources to villages with a hope that they can somehow evolve into independent communities. But the dream has not materialized. The problem is not in the foundation but in the follow up. The generations of political leaders that inherited the system don't have a feel for the ground realities, don't have intuition that can guide the nation and don't seem to have the stature to come up with a big dream.

India today is no more a country that respects the educated citizens. It turned into a mediocre country where it has very little recognition for being first in anything. An educated citizen in India will be recognized only if he or she has recognition abroad or if they work on themes that have received recognition abroad. In other words, modern Indians don't assume the courage to claim that they understand anything. We have forgotten that as an independent country, we can invite our educated citizens to help us in the strategy making. We are being trained to behave like morons and beg the consideration of the internationals to help us in strategies that promote our views and concerns. All we look forward to from NRIs is money. Indians neither know how to make better strategies nor have respect for someone that can help. We should change this attitude.

I am an Information Technology professional with an opportunity to study in USA and that of working in USA, Finland and India in careers associated with Information Technology. I have spent long hours debugging and in designing complex systems and finally realized something strange. I could use my skill to identify the bugs in the modern social, economical and political organizations and find quite a successful career in addition to helping the fellow citizens. I found out that the agenda of "We, the people" has many unanswered problems. We intend to balance them with a complimentary agenda of "We, the Philosophers" and teach the people the basics of democratic values, social justice and economics. We have our credentials straight - have the expertise and experience to guide young aspirants through the path of prosperity and peace. We intend to secure the glory that India deserves, as a potent participant defining the trends in the arena of international competition instead of being a wimp in the whirlpool of worldwide developments :-) We are looking for your help, participation and most importantly, your views and ideas.

The Philosophical Society of Perspective Independence is a registered non-profit organization specializing in innovative applications of Information Technology for improving social justice worldwide. It is registered in Andhra Pradesh, India on September 28,2001 with a registration number of 6666. We have developed a theme called Public Democracy as a means of alleviating all problems of our nation. In a nutshell, proposed concept of public democracy is our initiative of good-governance ideally suited for India.

Please go through the following article titled 'Solving the Mysteries and Miseries of India through Public Democracy'. Please realize that this article didn't have the benefit of expert editing as our initiative is still in budding stages. Thus we request you to focus on the theme without getting lost in trivial details. If you agree with our views, there are three ways you can help/participate.

a) If you believe in social action, and/or have a bent for philosophical pursuit of reconciliation, you can be a participant in the activities of the Philosophical Society of Perspective Independence. We are looking for a team of committed office bearers that finds it interesting to instill a sense of confidence in all Indians (to begin with), and is willing to spread our vision and views to all corners.

b) If you are an academic expert and would like to contribute to the theme of technologies, we intend to start an affiliated interactive web-forum known as International Journal of Perspective Independence. We have clearly defined our theme and are looking for an expert team of enthusiastic editorial board.

c) If you are an educated Indian that have prospered with new technologies and opportunities as a worker and are interested in investigating your chances as an entrepreneur, we need you. Your technological talent can serve as a major part of the investment in a partnership. If this scheme interests you, you may learn further about our affiliated business venture known as Krishna Millennial Perspective Independent Technologies. This will be developed into an innovative publicly traded company setting standards in the strength of original research and in commitment to the welfare of fellow citizens. It proposes the vision of providing comprehensive consultation services associated with a proposed concept of Internet Panchayat System both to India and other nations.

Together, we can change our nation and in due course can guide the world through the path of prosperity and peace. While others seem to have recognized that India needs agenda as significant as the independence movement, we are a step ahead and dared to define it - we called it Project Perspective Independence. If you have the curiosity to talk further and dare to face the crowd confidently with original ideas, please contact balaramav@rediffmail.com for further details.


Balarama Varanasi
President and Founder
The Philosophical Society of Perspective Independence

Please email your views