1. The India Literacy Project - This is a US-certified non-profit organization. Its objective is to raise funds to support non-profit organizations in India which work towards the promotion of non-formal education of the illiterates. That is to let people know their fundamental rights and to learn to read, write and perform basic arithmatic operations.

2. Returning to India - This is a well-organized discussion forum to discuss the pros and cons of returning to India and there are a lot of practical problems described by individuals in comparison with some of the developed countries. This could serve as a new perspective to see the problems in India and to solve them.

3. Suniye - An association encouraging the hearing imapaired children to grow in the same manner as normal children. It should make us count our blessings and should promote the interest in us to make the most out of our lives, by growing ourselves and by helping the society grow.

4. Lok Satta - Lok Satta is a non- partisan people's movement for better governance. An organization, founded by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, IAS, which aims at social, economic, political reforms, especially electoral.

5. Sangharsh Charitable Foundation is founded by a team of young and energetic people in India. The intention of the foundation is to help the people in orphanages and old age homes to better streamline their lives, in addition to providing them with better living conditions. They also imbibe the principle of self-sufficiency in people by teaching children and old age women to make articrafts and market them through the foundation. Any contributions to this foundation would be highly appreciated.

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